Product reminder

Dear our valued customers of DeepSkix mask,
We have been made to understand by our valued customers that our DeepSkix masks (“Products”) (bearing the batch number “20151221.15001”) has suffered some forms of quality deterioration and turned into yellowish colour approximately 6 months prior to expiry date.
We have been further made to understand that despite the Products were properly stored, whether under room temperate or under low temperate in the fridge, the Products of the said batch are subject to the said defect.
We have escalated the defect to the manufacturer as soon as this issue has come to our knowledge, which was a month ago. However, we have yet to receive any positive response from the manufacturer on whether the Products are still safe to be applied and what their solutions to this.
Pending further arrangement by the manufacturer, we strongly urge our valued customers, who made the purchases from Hong Kong, Macau or other regions with the packaging information as illustrated in the photographs attached, to STOP using the Products of the said batch for safety purposes.
To assist our valued customers in identifying the batch number, please refer to the photographs attached. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is any question.
Best Regards


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