Value creation

Value creation for traditional retailers

“Our analysis indicates traditional retailers’ supply chain costs are roughly three times lower than [online] pure plays when leveraging store fulfillment capabilities,

” Cowen & Co. analyst Oliver Chen

Today’s consumers lead busy lives and shopping takes time. Often it is a task. Consumers find researching and shopping on the Web far more convenient than brick-and-mortar visits. Although in-store excursions can still be fun, in many ways shopping online or via a mobile device offers a better overall experience, whether from the couch after the kids are in bed, on a mobile phone during a quiet moment at lunch, or on the go. Pineseas food will keep applying the latest technology to this traditional industry and bring novel value to our vendors that helps in achieving and maintaining strategic competitiveness in retail industry

O2O solution and Data Mining 

Retail is one of the most important business domains for data science and data mining applications because of its prolific data and numerous optimization problems such as optimal prices, discounts, recommendations, and stock levels that can be solved using data analysis methods. The rise of omni-channel retail that integrates marketing, customer relationship management, and inventory management across all online and offline channels has produced a plethora of correlated data which increases both the importance and capabilities of data-driven decisions. That’s why Pineseas Food are here to help our vendors in issues below:

  1. Vendor Performance Analysis: Performance of each vendor can be analyzed on the basis of a number of factors like cost, delivery time, quality of products delivered, payment lead time, etc. In addition to this, the role of Pineseas food in specific product outages can be critically analyzed.
  2.  Inventory Control (Inventory levels, safety stock, lot size, and lead time analysis): Both current and historic reports on key inventory indicators like inventory levels, lot size, etc. can be generated from the data warehouse, thereby Pineseas food help in both operational and strategic decisions relating to the inventory.
  3. Product Movement and the Supply Chain: Some products move much faster off the shelf than others. On-time replenishment orders are very critical for these products. Analyzing the movement of specific products – using BI tools – can help in predicting when there will be need for re-order.And thus we shorten the delivery time for import goods and improve the turnover of retailers for particular products.
  4. Demand Forecasting: Complex demand forecasting models can be created using a number of factors like sales figures, basic economic indicators, environmental conditions, etc. If correctly implemented, a data warehouse can significantly help in improving the retailer’s relations with suppliers and can complement the existing SCM application.
  5. Cross selling and upselling  Sales trend analysis by customer segment (identifying customer segments with similar sales pattern, segments with declining sales, segments with sales growth etc.). Short-term and long-term forecasting of product sales. Evaluating effectiveness of promotion campaign, and determining impact of marketing events (coupons, discounts, special promotions, advertisement, launch of new products, etc.) on sales, customer retention, and customer acquisition. Performance measurement. Discovering drivers of product sales, and quantifying impact of each driver. Determining why sales differed from plan and how to act in order to increase sales. Cross-selling and up-selling decision support, and in particular, establishing the right offer to the right customer segment in a right time.

Content marketing

When the largest retailer in the US is building its strategy on content marketing, maybe it’s time for other retailers to sit up and pay attention? Walmart, the American retail superpower is creating personal journeys for individual customers using big data and even bigger content. “Content has ascended the marketing throne.

Local customers love content, they trust editorial content like blog or facebook comments. Thus, Pineseas is developing a marketing strategy to close monitoring local people online comments. We want content to be where (our customer) has a question, problem or needs an idea. This means serving up the right content, at the right time and right place on her journey through Pineseas wordpress blog.

We know what our customer loves (based on buyer behaviour) and we curate content based on those unique needs. Set her on the path to purchase. Content needs to be fool-proof so she has confidence in her actions.” Content marketing to attract and retain customers Of course the ultimate goal is to attract and retain customers. We use content at retail to build customer trust and guide the customer on the path to and through purchase.  “Our audience are women fiercely loyal to home and family. Our content is geared towards helping them save money so they can live better”, Pineseas managed to branded content chaperones these customers along the sales funnel as plan, search, act, convert and engage with the brand. This requires ‘different types of content’ along the way.